With a comprehensive range of products and services to help you achieve your financial goals, BEG BANK Personal Banking is focused on making things easier for you, so you get to live more.

Financial management is one of life’s important considerations, no matter what age we are. From youth to retirement, life is simpler and more rewarding when you have a range of efficient and convenient, self-service digital solutions to help you take care of your money – and have the trusted professional support you need.

At BEG BANK, we’ll be with you all the way. We’re here to simplify and take the stress out of financial management.  As your banking partner, our job is to let you get on with living to the fullest, growing your family and planning for the things that matter, from home ownership and education to travel and retirement, and everything in-between.

Personal Banking Accounts

Chequing Account

A BEG BANK Chequing Account offers features and solutions to simplify your banking needs, allowing you to:

  • Order cheque books quickly and conveniently
  • Access your account online 24/7
  • Make deposits and withdrawals any time with ease and flexibility

Savings Account

Saving money: it’s a common goal, but not always an easy one. At BEG BANK, we offer a wide selection of products and services to help you on your way.

  • Easy online banking with BEG BANK iBank
  • Flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals any time
  • Quarterly statements

USD Premium Demand Account

The USD Premium Demand Account is an interest bearing solution that is ideal for individuals or businesses. This is a premium financial product designed to offer both flexibility and a competitive rate of return to clients with substantial on-demand U.S. Dollar balances.


BEG BANK Iron Kids Account

At BEG BANK, we believe in starting children’s financial education early. We help parents teach their kids smart saving and spending habits that will last a lifetime.

A BEG BANK Iron Kids Account is an ideal smart-starter on the path to financial independence and gives young savers:

  • 1.50% interest rate
  • A debit card that enables purchases and ATM withdrawals